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Living For Purpose: Celebrating the exemplary life of a woman who lived to make a difference in her generation

Living for Purpose
In this journey called life, some people just pass by; some leave an imprint. Sybil Iroche touched a lot of lives and helped shaped many…
- Babian Uwakolam, Maryland USA

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Living for Purpose is more than a memorial, … , it is about life! As we read and ponder on the emotions of all who have shared their feelings about the impact that Sybil Iroche made on their lives, it is hoped that readers will be challenged to reflect on the true meaning of life and what are the personal contributions each one of us is making to impact our world. Are we making a difference in the lives of the many men and women we encounter in our journey through life? Is the world made better because we are in it?

This book reveals that it does not matter whether one was born rich or poor; through determination and hard work, we can all make a positive contribution to the world in which we live, and leave our mark in the sands of time, like William Wilberforce, Mary Slessor, Martin Luther King (Jnr), Mother Teresa and others.



Ngozi Okike (author)

Dr. Ngozi Okike is a woman after God’s heart, who has touched many all over the world through her inspirational writings. With almost 45 years of Christian ministry she is an evangelist, prophet and teacher of the word, with an unquenchable passion for God and for the lost. In obedience to the Lord she is publishing some of her writings to make them more accessible to many and to continue to bless lives all over the world. Ngozi is currently serving under the ministry of Pastors Ken and Lois Gott, whom the Lord has used over the past 10 years to continue to mould her life to make her the woman God has called her to be. In addition to serving the body of Christ at Bethshan Church, Ngozi has served in the Higher Education sector for over 33 years.

She is committed to helping the under privileged, especially in Africa. She supports and is a trustee of Book Aid for Africa (BAFA). To find out how you can help, visit the Book Aid For Africa website.



Dr Okike’s enchanting mastery of the English language, expressed in flowing prose, recounts her mother’s simple life style. The book is interesting to read, assimilate and comprehend. Dr Okike’s obvious versatility with the various Books of the Bible came to play, by her free and copious quotes from many verses and chapters of the Bible, infusing biblical maxims to emphasize or stress her points of observations on her mother’s simple and agile Christian life style.

The reader will observe that the book teaches various lessons on service and giving to mankind and humanity. …the book will serve as a motivational and instructional material in churches, schools, colleges etc. on service to humanity and the purpose of our human existence, which is to make a difference in the lives of others.

The book … will appeal to a wide audience, and in particular would occupy an enviable space in the family library of a Christian family. It is a good read and I recommend it.

- Commodore Okoh Ebitu Ukiwe (Ochiagha) Former Chief of General Staff, Federal Republic of Nigeria

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