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How I Stood Up To Cancer

How I Stood Up To Cancer
One of the most dreaded words in our everyday parlance is ‘cancer’. And one of the worst experiences one could have is to be diagnosed with the disease…

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We live in a world full of uncertainties. These uncertainties can manifest in many ways in our lives. Dr Elewechi Okike regards herself as fortunate to still remain alive, after the series of ‘dramatic and eventful’ episodes in her life. When she thought she had had enough of near encounters with death, little did she know that another challenge was about to unfold in her life, which could be life threatening.

One of the most dreaded words in our everyday parlance is ‘cancer’. And one of the worst experiences one could have is to be diagnosed with the disease. Usually when someone is told that they have cancer, their whole world falls apart; everything changes, and a big battle begins. How do you react to such news? How do you prepare yourself for the journey into the unknown that you’re about to embark upon?

Whilst cancer is truly a dreadful disease, should we always cower to it? Can we stand up to it? In this book, How I Stood Up to Cancer, Elewechi provides a detailed account of the ‘drama’ that unfolded when she woke up one morning and discovered a lump in her breast, and the series of events that followed. It is one thing to be suddenly diagnosed with such a horrendous disease as Cancer but to also be told that it’s one of a rare kind is yet another blow to any human mind. Yet she faced this giant with courage, bravery and a strong leaning on God.

There are many who have faced this challenge of similar or even less magnitude and unfortunately did not live to testify about their comeback from the disease. However, as a result of her standing up to this giant, she not only conquered but is now living to tell about the journey and how others can be victorious too. In each chapter she brings hope and assurance that it does not matter how grievous and bad the situation is, you can overcome it. Dr. Okike’s tremendous strength and tenacity to face this giant head on and win goes to show why she is so passionate about helping others by sharing her story.

One thing about the book is how Elewechi carefully describes and explains in a layman’s language, the intricate processes that the medical personnel have to go through in reaching a diagnosis and formulating a management plan. She also gives insights into the process you may go through, as well as some important spiritual and health advice. She is honest and open about her emotions and her struggle to find God’s way forward in the storm. Her story will inspire and inform you. Dr Okike is truly a woman of faith. For those needing courage and inspiration, this book is a must read.

One enduring message which is summed up in this book, that even recent advances in medical sciences is not privy to is the power of the human spirit, and how it relates to events of our life particularly in the outcome of difficult events. Although Dr Okike has used her personal challenge, breast cancer, as the underlying premise for this book, the principles expressed in it are applicable to any type of disease, whether malignant or not. As a matter of fact, they are applicable to any challenges we face in life as men or women.

Whether or not you are a person of faith, and it does not matter what faith, whether you have been treated or receiving treatment for any form of cancer or going through any form of challenges in your life currently or you just want something to encourage and uplift your spirit, this book is for you. The book is a heart-warming read, really arresting and life inspiring for everyone. The lives of anyone who picks up this book will be changed forever. It’s remarkable; it’s encouraging, and totally life-changing.



Ngozi Okike (author)

Dr. Ngozi Okike is a woman after God’s heart, who has touched many all over the world through her inspirational writings. With almost 45 years of Christian ministry she is an evangelist, prophet and teacher of the word, with an unquenchable passion for God and for the lost. In obedience to the Lord she is publishing some of her writings to make them more accessible to many and to continue to bless lives all over the world. Ngozi is currently serving under the ministry of Pastors Ken and Lois Gott, whom the Lord has used over the past 10 years to continue to mould her life to make her the woman God has called her to be. In addition to serving the body of Christ at Bethshan Church, Ngozi has served in the Higher Education sector for over 33 years.

She is committed to helping the under privileged, especially in Africa. She supports and is a trustee of Book Aid for Africa (BAFA). To find out how you can help, visit the Book Aid For Africa website.

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